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pdf New!
Latry, Olivier:
At the Organ of Notre-Dame
Conversations with Stéphane Friédérich
Price: € 15.00
(156 pages, paperback, with numerous illustrations)
Catalogue no. BuB 32 – ISBN: 978-3-928412-32-2

Born in 1962, Olivier Latry is one of the top organists of the present-day world. Appointed organist of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris at the age of 23, his fame has spread beyond Paris as a globally acclaimed concert organist, but he is also a sought-after pedagogue at the Paris Conservatoire as well as at international master classes. In dialogue with music editor and author Stéphane Friédérich, he covers a wide range of topics, revealing both his profound knowledge, and his personal convictions and confessions, always passionately expressed. The reader gains sound information about the self-image of the liturgical organist, organ improvisation, organ building issues, organ composers and compositions, world premieres, competitions, CD recordings, organ studies, popularization of the organ and its music, and much more. In addition to biographical details, the book contains valuable information about ‘his’ instrument at Notre Dame as well as his important predecessors in the organ loft. A highly readable book, which vastly widens our knowledge, especially of the French organ world, but also occasionally beyond it.


pdf Petersen, Birger (ed.):
Licht im Dunkel – Lumière dans les ténèbres
Festschrift Daniel Roth zum 75. Geburtstag

Price: € 34.00
(432 pages, hardcover, thread stitching, ribbon page marker, with illustrations, musical examples and dispositions, short English and French summaries, with CD)
Catalogue no. BuB 23
ISBN: 978-3-928412-23-0


pdf Setchell, Jenny:
Organs and Organists. Their Inside Stories
Price: € 32.00
(416 pages, hardcover, 180 x 180 mm format, more than 400 full-colour photos and cartoons)
Catalogue no. BuB 21
ISBN: 978-3-928412-21-6

Here's a book two kinds of people have been waiting for:
a) organists, b) non-organists.
Organists won’t be able to stop laughing, and will be grateful for the way a famous author understands their joys and sorrows.
And the interested non-organist will get surprising answers to everything about the organ and those who play it – answers that will completely and forever change the way they see a supposedly "boring" instrument.
The book offers few words, but more than 450 fascinating photos and new cartoons.
It is the ultimate humorous declaration of love to the "King of Instruments"!

Also available in German (BuB 25).

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BuB 17

pdf Setchell, Jenny:
Looking up at Organs and Ceilings
Price: € 18.00 (64 pages, 25 x 30,5 cm, hardcover with dust jacket)
Catalogue no. BuB 17
ISBN: 978-3-928412-17-9

This opulent coffee table book by Jenny Setchell (known for her bestsellers “Die Königin und ihr Gefolge”, “Organ-isms”, BuB 13) will fill even the most hardened organ fan with a sense of awe and wonder! There are plenty of organ books packed with pictures of organ cases. But this amazing album brings together more than 50 inspirational photographs of leading instruments from four continents and five centuries which for the first time are displayed in the context of the vaulting and ceilings surrounding them. A fascinating insight into how organ-building and architecture can combine to form an incredible harmonious and aesthetic experience. A feast for the eyes to be enjoyed by fans both of organs and of architecture.

BuB 16

pdf Studies in Baroque – Festschrift Ton Koopman
Edited by Albert Clement
Price: € 32.00 (392 pages, hardcover)
Catalogue no. BuB 16
ISBN: 978-3-928412-16-2

BuB 15

pdf The Haarlem Essays – Celebrating Fifty International Organ Festivals
Edited by Paul Peeters
Price: € 22.00 (480 pages, hardcover, with CD)
Catalogue no. BuB 15
ISBN: 978-3-928412-15-5

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