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Bach’s "Calov"-Bible

Unique workmanship


The title page:
Bach’s signature and date: 1733.

The Calov-Bach-Bible contains no fewer than 4355 pages, and consists of three huge volumes, bound in leather. The format of the volumes is 33 cm by 19.5 cm. The paper will be prepared specifically for this facsimile edition, so that every nuance of the original books and the ink with which Bach wrote can be rendered.

Each copy of the facsimile reprint is individually hand numbered and will be accompanied by a signed certificate on which this number is also given.

A special commentary volume will be added, written by an international group of experts led by Prof. Dr. Albert Clement, Professor of Musicology at the University of Utrecht/University College Roosevelt and a leading international expert on the theological aspects of Bach’s works. This commentary volume will present the latest scientific information on the history of the Bach/Calov Bible, discuss the notes in Bach’s hand and their connection to Bach’s work, and describe the theological and cultural background of Lutheran Germany in Bach’s lifetime. The volume will be written in English, German, Dutch and Japanese.

"The Bach/Calov Bible is a unique document. Johann Sebastian Bach comments on the Bible and this document has been preserved. Many have heard of it, few have seen it. I am one of those few and I very much welcome this publication."


Prof. Dr. Ton Koopman, conductor, organist, harpsichordist, professor of historically informed performance practice at Leyden University.

"The discovery of Bach’s Calov commentary was undoubtedly the most important Bach find of the 20th century. It is high time to open up this treasure trove and make the important information it offers accessible to a broader public."


Albert Clement, organist and professor of musicology specializing in theological Bach research.